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What is Roku?

Roku is a powerful, convenient, and the finest streaming device. It helps you to stream the shows or movies from the internet to your tv. There are several products offered by Roku that are designed with best-in-class technology and innovation. Some of its renowned products are Roku streaming players, streaming sticks, Roku TV, and more. These devices are perfect to enjoy endless entertainment as you can get your hands on more than 1500 movies and shows along with live streaming. Not all Roku channels require you to pay the amount. However, you can also get some of them for free. 

Remarkable Features of various Roku Devices:
  • Uncomplicated setup that can be accomplished in a few steps
  • User-friendly interface
  • Influential features such as Roku Search, PIN protection, etc.
  • A vast number of channels including free as well as paid
  • Availability of various payment methods
  • Cost-effective streaming players
  • No additional fees such as equipment charges, etc.
  • Innovative TV remote with advanced features
  • Customizable interface to offer a personal feel to your device
  • Live TV pause to never miss an important scene
  • Compatible with third-party devices such as DVD players, game console, VCR, etc. 
  • Roku Mobile App that helps you to enjoy streaming everywhere anytime

Setting up your Roku streaming player
  • Sync your Roku Streaming Device to TV

The very first step is to establish a connection between your Roku device and TV. For this, you can either connect the device directly or else use an HDMI cable. 

  • Attach the Roku Device to Power Source

Now, you need to power on your Roku device using the power adaptor. Take the USB power cable and affix one of its ends to the streaming device and another end to the power cable. Then, move and attach the power adaptor to the wall outlet and switch it on.

  • Make the Correct Input Selection

After this, you need to choose the right input for your streaming player. For this, add batteries in your Roku remote and prepare it. Now, press Input> Source from your remote and choose the input that you have used for establishing the connection. 

  • Pick the Desired Language for your Device

As you select the right input, you will get the Roku icon on your screen. Next to this, you will be asked to choose the language for your Roku streaming player. Make the appropriate selection. 

  • Build a robust wireless network connection

The next step is to establish a wireless connection to make the best use of the player and to activate ( it. For this, choose the network connection, enter its security passcode, and wait for the successful connection. It might start updating the latest software as you build a connection. Hence, wait until it gets completed successfully.

  • Choose the display type

Once your update gets completed, you will be induced to select the display type. To do so, you need to take your remote and press the “Ok” button from it. This will initiate the analysis process where Roku will examine your HDMI connection and choose the resolution that will work best for your device. 

  • Setup Your Roku Remote

Later, you have to set up your Roku remote in order to manage and control your device. For this, choose the “Settings” tab and provide adequate answers to complete the setup. 

  • Activate (  your Roku device

The final step is to activate your Roku streaming player. For this, visit the “” window and sign in to your Roku account. Then, enter the activation code that displays on your screen and confirm the process.

Setting up your Roku TV
  • Unbox and set up your Roku TV

Start off the process by unpacking the Roku TV and removing all the tapes and packaging material. Then, attach its table stands else fix it on a wall. 

  • Power On your Roku TV

Connect the power cable to the TV and power wall socket. Next, you need to insert the batteries in the remote. Make sure you add them correctly. Then, press the red power button from the remote. As you do so, the Roku TV logo will come up.

  • Make the language selection

Now, your TV screen will show you the options of various languages to choose from. Select the preferred language using the arrow keys of your remote and press “Ok”. Later to this, you will be asked to choose whether you want to set up for home or business. Make the appropriate selection. 

  • Form a stable and secure network connection

For activating your Roku account via and to stream the videos, you need to connect your Roku TV to your secure home network. It is recommended to use a private network for better security and protection. In order to connect, choose the network with which you want to establish a connection. Then, input the password that is securing your home network from unauthorized access. 

  • Wait for the Software Update

Once your TV gets successfully connected to the wireless network, the process of software updates will commence. This will take a couple of minutes to get done. Wait for it. On the completion of the process, the TV will restart on its own.

  • Build a Roku account and activate ( your Roku TV 

The setup of Roku TV ends with the activation of Roku TV. Start by visiting the “” and enter the activation code that prompts on your TV screen. Then, you will be urged to sign into your Roku account or create one if you don’t have already. Complete the process by following all the on-screen directions.

Setting up your Roku account

Roku Account

Roku account is a web portal that grants access to numerous Roku services and helps you to customize them as per your requirements. Using your Roku account, you can activate ( your purchases, stream the channels and download the new ones, sync the added channels, connect third party devices for profound experience, and a lot more. With so much to offer, it becomes vital to set up a Roku account and have an ultimate Roku experience. Accordingly, create an account by following the instructions stated below.

  1. Begin with the process by launching a web browser and entering “” in the address field. 
  2. The sign-in window will show up. Click the “Create Account” tab from the screen to get the account creation form. 
  3. Now, start filling all fields with the required information. All the information you enter must be correct as per your knowledge. 
  4. Once you are done providing your name, email address, creating a password and opting for the preferred options, as well as verifying your identity, click the “Continue” tab. 
  5. Next to this, you will be asked to select your preference to create a PIN. Make the selection and create a PIN and enjoy the control over the channel purchases by your device. 
  6. As you step ahead, the payment window for Roku Pay will appear on your screen. Choose the preferred payment method and enter the payment details along with the billing address. 
  7. After invading all the details, hit “Continue” to complete the process. 
  8. Lastly, you need to verify your email address by accessing the mail you receive from Roku. Then, click the provided verification link and conclude the process of account creation.

Activating your Roku via

To set up any of the Roku devices, you need to activate ( it before you end the process and start using the device. For activation, you first need to set up your device and launch it. Once you are done with the setup, you will get the code on your screen. This code is extremely important to carry out the process. So, jot down every character of the code very carefully and start off with the given process. 

  1. Commence the Roku Activate process by visiting the activation web page. To do so, open a web browser on your system and enter the relevant activation URL in the address field i.e. “”. 
  2. On reaching the window, you have to type in the code in the prescribed field. Carefully enter the code and click “Submit”.
  3. When you click the Submit button, the screen will come up asking you to sign in to your account. You can either create an account if you don’t have one. Else, choose to sign in and provide the registered login credentials. 
  4. If you opt to create a new one, then provide your personal details and payment details to complete the creation process. 
  5. Once you are done, you might be asked to provide a name to your device and read the terms and conditions. Tap the mentioned link and read the agreement. 
  6. As you click “Continue” the confirmation message will come up on your screen. Alongside, on your TV device, the channels updation process will initiate. It will take a minute or two to complete and will show you the “All Done” message when done.

Setting up your remote

The remote setup process is provided below. Start with the Remote pairing, and then complete the setup process.

Pair your Roku Remote to your Device

Roku provides its users with two varieties of remotes. The Standard IR remotes do not need any pairing process and can be used directly by inputting the batteries in it. However, the Enhanced Roku remote, which is widely used, requires the pairing process. For this, you first need to turn on your tv and Roku device and then add the batteries to your remote. After that, place your remote near your TV and you will begin the pairing process. 

Setup your Remote

Once you are done pairing your remote, you can set it up. You can either do it before or after the installation and activation ( by following the process mentioned below.

During Installation

Once your Roku gets paired, you can start off with the device setup process. In between the installation, you will be asked to set up your remote to control the device power and volume. For this, click the “Check Remote Settings” and make the “Yes/No” selection to check the remote. Next, you might be asked to enter the TV brand. Enter it and press “Ok” to confirm. 

After Installation and activation (

The final setup of the remote is done once your device installation and activation ( gets completed. For this, you have to press Home> Settings> Remote> Setup Remote> Start. You will then be asked to check your remotes working by answering a few questions in “Yes/No”. Answer every question correctly and complete the process.

Wireless network setup and reliability

Using a Roku device requires a speedy, secure, and private network connection. Internet connection is needed all the way while setup as well as during the channel streaming. Hence, while you set up your device, you will be asked to establish a successful connection. However, you can also perform the network connection process or change the connection after the setup of your device. If you are connecting your device to the network during the setup, you have to follow the given instructions. 

  1. To form a connection, you can either opt for the Wired method or Wireless method. Both the options will display on your screen. Select the preferred one. 
  2. If you opt for the Wired Network, you have to take the USB cable and connect one of its ends to the Roku device and another end to the router. 
  3. Opting the Wireless Network will start the search for the available networks around you. From the list, choose the desired network and enter its password to form a successful connection. 


However, if you are building a connection after installation and activation (, then you need to press the “home” button from your remote and then, click Settings> Network> Setup Connection. Once you are done with this, you will get the Wired and Wireless Network options. Choose the one and follow the above-stated process to establish a successful connection. 

For reliability of your wireless network on your Roku device, you must keep in mind the following points. There should not be any wireless disturbance in between your Roku device and the router. You can also try moving your router closer to your device for better connectivity. Alternatively, move the router antennas and change their directions.

Managing your channel subscriptions

Roku channel store facilitates the channel purchase process. You can easily link the payment method to your account and manage your subscription with ease. It allows you to manage as well as delete the subscription from the same location. You can either manage your channels via Roku player or TV. Else, use your Roku Account for this. The process for both the options are provided below.

Subscription Management via Roku Streaming Device

  1. You first have to ensure that your streaming device and tv is turned on. 
  2. Then, you need to press the “Home” button which is placed on the remote. After then, scroll down the list and choose the “Streaming Channels” option. Next, look for the category or subscription channel you want to manage. Once you get it, press “Ok” from the remote.
  3.  In the case of channel lineup, you need to choose the “Home” option and then highlight the managed subscription with the help of arrow keys. After that, press the “Star” (*) key from your remote.  
  4. To step ahead, choose the “Manage Subscription” option in order to review your subscription renewal date or other options. 
  5. However, choose “Cancel Subscription” for unsubscribing and t\then remove the subscription from the list. 

Through Roku Account 

You can also choose your Roku Account to manage the subscription. For this, sign in to your account and click “Manage Subscription”. This will show you the list of all your subscriptions with all the required details. You can take a glance at the term of the subscription, its status, etc. Also, to cancel the subscription, hit “Unsubscribe” and you are done.

Changing your email or password

Roku Account

Your Roku Account has all your information including personal as well as payment. Along with this, it will also store your subscription details, preferred settings, and permits you to activate ( your subscription. For accessing your account, you are required to know your email address and password. However, if you want to change the Email address linked to your account or to change the passcode for better security, you must follow the procedure stated below. 

  1. In the first instance, you have to move to the Roku login window using “”.
  2. Then, choose the “Sign In” tab and fill in the fields with your Roku login credentials.
  3. In the main interface, lookup for the “profile” icon and click it to get the drop-down list.
  4. Further, choose the “My Account” option followed by clicking the “Update” tab. You need to click the Update tab which is positioned beneath the “Account Information”.
  5. Next to this, you will get the fields to link a new email address. However, for changing the password, input your old password followed by creating a new one. Re-enter the new password again for verification. 
  6. Once you are done modifying the details, hit the “Save Changes” tab and your details will get updated. 

In case, you have forgotten the passcode you have created for the security of your account, then you need to visit the sign-in web page and choose the “Forgot Password” link. It will then ask you to enter the associated email address. You will now receive a password reset link on your email account. Access the mail and click the provided link. Then, design a new password for your account and hit “Submit” to conclude the process.

Updating your payment method

Roku offers its users to purchase the channels or movies or rent them or purchase any other show, etc. you are required to add a payment method to your account. There are several payment methods available for Roku users such as Master Card, Visa, PayPal, Gift Cards, and more. To enjoy the seamless experience, you have the preferred method or you can also modify it. For this, you are provided with the procedure below.

  1. Initiate the process by accessing your Roku account. Navigate to the sign-in window and type the username and password registered with your account.
  2. Then, click the Profile icon from the upper-right corner of the screen and further, choose “My Account” option.
  3. Next to this, hit the “Update” tab which is situated under the “Payment Information” section. 
  4. The payment information form will now come up. Choose the payment method from the available options and then provide all the required information.
  5. Along with the payment information, you need to enter the Billing Address too. Fill all the provided fields with correct information.
  6. Afterwards, you need to verify your identity as a human by tick marking the provided “I’m not a robot” checkbox. 
  7. Once you are done with the above-stated directions, hit the “Save” tab and update the method successfully.

Updating your account PIN (personal identification number)

Roku PIN is a code that safeguards your account from unauthorized access and makes a purchase from your account. Once you update the
PIN to your account, you will be asked to provide it every time you make any purchase or add any item to your Roku account. The process for the update is mentioned underneath. 

  1. The updation process requires you to visit the Roku account by signing into it. For account sign in, navigate to the “” window and provide the associated credentials. 
  2. In your account, click Profile icon> My Account followed by selecting the “Update” tab placed under the “PIN Preference” section. 
  3. Then you get the three options on your screen. The first two options are to create a PIN with a few conditions attached to its usage. However, the last opinion is to ignore PIN creation. 
  4. Choose any of the above two options and create a PIN for your account. You have to enter the same PIN twice for confirmation. 
  5. Finally, save the PIN that you create by hitting the “Save Changes” tab. In a couple of minutes, the confirmation message will prompt on your screen.


Roku is a prominent manufacturer of streaming devices, advanced Roku TV, and a few more products. Its various products have escalated digital life to new heights. With various advanced features and offerings, these devices have created a curiosity in the users to use these devices. Roku in short is an all-in-one solution for all the digital needs. Beyond streaming, Roku has a lot more to offer to its users. 

With the gaining usage, we have thought to guide our users with the Roku device setup. Here, in this guide, you will get all the procedures step-by-step in the simplest language that can be easily understood by every user. While you are performing the Roku setup process or further making any changes, you must follow all the mentioned steps with the utmost attention.